Thursday, May 9, 2019

Third Writing Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Third Writing Assignment - Essay ExampleOther than the domestic powers, the prexy in any case has broad rights over foreign policy. He can appoint ambassadors. The professorship with the wait on of the Secretary of the State can maintain all contact with foreign powers. In many cases, the chairperson can personally be present in Summit conferences where all heads of state assemble for get off consultation. For instance, professorship Woodrow Wilson represented his country in the Paris peace conference after WWII was over. Since then, US Presidents on a regular basis meet with world leaders for discussion of economic and political matters to reach bilateral and multilateral agreements. The Presidents job is to a fault to protect the Americans abroad and look after the foreign nationals in America. The President has the right to approve new nations and government, and enter into treaties with other nations which is however subject to approval from two-third of the Senate. The P resident also has the right to enter into executive agreements with other nations which do not need approval from the Senate. The President also acts as the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces since only with power over the army he can add credibility to his foreign policies. He has the power to decide when to intervene abroad. For instance, US Presidents have intervened during wars in Korea and Vietnam by deploying parade as required (Presidential Powers Watts, 99).The power of the Congress is concerned with collection of taxes, duties, excises and imports. The Congress also allocates cash for the defence and general welfare of the country. According to the US constitution, the Congress has the power to frame foreign policies. The laws passed by the Congress, or the treaties and nominations that the Senate agrees can have impact on the countrys interaction with other nations. Although the president has the right to establish and implement foreign policies, it is the Congress who has the right to approve fund

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